A Christian’s Prayer

I want to learn all that you can teach me, and do all you know I can do.
Thus be everything I believe I can be, doing all of this in the name of you.

I want to stand for you and be bold; trust you to help me climb the steepest hill.
And read your world, black and white, new and old, making it my goal to carry out your will.

Help me to teach a lost sinner to be found, and teach them how you work in mysterious ways.
Let me tell them how our world became round, and of the story about how you made this day.

And through my service help my to realize that, you are always there to listen and lend an ear.
And by simply praying, I can reach you wherever I’m at, and throughout all be there when I face my fears.

Revive my heart and save my soul, wrap me in your arms with tender loving care.
Hold my hand while I reach for my goals, and lend an ear as I pray this Christian’s prayer.