Sometimes life is hard. Much like the sun, sunflowers have the unique ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrancy. God’s word is the sunflower of each of our lives. The words and stories found in the Bible are meant to help you put one foot in front of the other, each and every day. The vibrancy of our love letter from Christ can breathe light into your world like nothing else can.

And just as a stunningly beautiful sunflower, God’s word tells a story of His adoration and loyalty to His children that will exist forevermore.

May sunflowers and the word of God bring joy to your day.

About the Author:


Kayla is a devout Christian and an ice cream junkie. A small town by-product, she grew up in Upton, Kentucky and graduated from Hart County High School. Kayla is a proud Hilltopper, graduating in 2012 from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. She lives by faith, loves by example, and swears by country music.

When she is not writing, Kayla can be found spending time with her three favorite boys; her husband George, their Teddy Bear puppy Andy and his younger Doodle brother Scout.