Darkness Over Me

As I look up at the sky at night,
where brilliant clouds do lay,
the stars closely shining bright,
waiting for the sun to send them away.

But something else glows in this sky,
lifting me off my blanket of grass.
Taking me to fly, so far, and so high,
soaring and gliding, I have no mass.

But as the sun peeks over the hill,
and hints of color fill the sky,
the moon, saying its last will,
slowly disappears without a goodbye.

I slowly drift back to my land,
as the last glow of the moon fades and dies.
But now in the sky is a golden band,
letting everyone know that the sun will rise.

All day long, the sun does its job,
lighting the way for all to see.
But when night falls, leaves without a sob,
letting darkness fall over me.