I Walk a Trodden Path

I walk a trodden path, scarred with remains

of those who came before. Entwined are bits

of history, discreet stories of heartache and lore.

As I attempt to discover the ties that bind me

to this ancestral path, I suture my own chapter

into lingering stitches that compose this trail.

Long forgotten footprints form a hidden way.

Each of my steps is unique, set apart from the rest.

And interwoven in those prints lies a remedy

to each and every challenge that I face.

A remedy, which can only be given free

rein when I have achieved a steady stride.

Days gone by etched lessons of regret and

gratitude upon my mind. An unremitting film

plays meticulous memories I leave behind.

Scenes unravel themselves and their remnants

trail a million miles. Lengths forever stained

with bittersweet tears and brilliant smiles.

A fixed hourglass, life is slowly transpiring

like sand frozen in time. Enduring steps trail

voiceless cantos that with age will prove to be

sublime. Once the Lord’s destiny I meet, I’ll be

but a breath in another’s stride. A part of it

forevermore, I will never mislay my

confidence in this trodden path.