Saving Grace

Plummeting through an interval of stark nothingness,
You lose control of your capacity to sojourn this freefall.
As doubt rips at you, your edges fray beyond recognition
Till it grips you in your entirety, grasp utterly impenetrable.

Your vision is blanketed by an intricate hue of black.
Piercing clouds secrete answer you hunger for
As a shadow of inquiry stifles all your conviction.
A silent scream for liberation is lost in the silence of it all.

Regret weighs on you, your thoughts a crimson rage
Consuming your mind in a compulsory surrender.
You long for the end, a definite purging of existence
Eradicating the life that beats faint inside you.

Then the slightest whisper penetrates the obscurity.
His voice crushes the walls that imprison your soul.
The pieces crumble around you, fragments of their defeat.
He breathes life into your stagnant form reviving your hope.

Faith surges through your head, dejection vacates your psyche.
Initially feeble, growing stronger as the light permeates every inch.
The clouds recede and the heavens open up releasing a rainfall.
You feel it swallow you cleansing the fibers of your entity.

You surface realizing the hand you’re clinging to is parting.
But within you know the omniscience of the Redeemer who saves.
Doubt expunged from your heart you hold on to assurance.
You alone remain; jaded but steadfast, beaten but not broken.